GRANDE International Symposium



Symposium Circular

10:00- Opening Address1,田中 仁,東北大学大学院工学研究科,[PDF]
10:30- Opening Address2,水間英城, 科学技術振興機構,[PDF]
10:50- Opening Address3, 須藤勝義, 国際協力機構,[PDF]
11:10- Recent glacier retreat in Tropical Andes, Edson RAMIREZ, サンアンドレス大学,[PDF]
11:30- Application of a distributed hydrological model to the Andes Region, Fabiolo LEDEZMA, 東京工業大学/サンアンドレス大学,[PDF]
11:50- ランチタイム
13:20- Sediment production in Tuni lake catchment due to climate change, Ramiro Pillco ZOLA, サンアンドレス大学,[PDF]
13:40- Water quality in reservoirs under a changing climate, 梅田 信, 東北大学,[PDF]
14:00- Water Resources Management in LaPaz and ElAlto cities, Carlos Espana, Universidad Mayor de San Andres,[PDF]
14:20- ポスターセッション
16:20- Closing Remarks, Carlos Ortuno Yanez, Ministry of water resource, basin and irrigation

P1: Heat Balance Analysis of the Tropical Glacier with a Multi-layer Ice and Snow Model,宮田俊介
P2: Spatial Albedo on Condoriri Glacier Derived from Landsat Imagery,森澤海里
P3: On the Value of a Temperature-index Model for Computing Melt in the Tropical Andes,Pablo FUCHS
P4: Bolivian Glacier Melt: A Review of Facts and its Modelling,Gonzalo LEONARDINI
P5: Detection of Changes in Ice Thickness of "Huayna West" Glacier during the Event “La Nina” 2011-2012 Using LIDAR Systems, Edson RAMIREZ
P6: Water Flow Changes in the Wetland of Huayna Potosi,Javier MENDOZA
P7: New Approaches for Estimating Snow Glacier Melt, Precipitation and Evapotranspiration in Scarce Data Areas: Case the Andean Basin Condoriri,Vladimir MOYA
P8: Water Balance Analysis in Tuni Lake Catchment, Bolivia,白鳥総一朗
P9: Glacio-hydrological Analysis of Tropical Catchments Considering Inhomogeneous Glacier Retreat,LIU Tong
P10: Assessment of sediment deposit in a Lake based on comparative study between Lake Tuni, Bolivia and Lake Inawashiro, Japan,Gabriela SOSSA LEDEZMA
P11: Sediment Production under Changing Climate,Naoya IMAIZUMI
P12: Monitoring of Sediment Production in the Glacier Watersheds of Tuni, Condoriri and Huayna-West side, Bolivia,Ramiro PILLCO
P13: Identifying sources of sediment in the reservoir Tuni (La Paz - Bolivia),Nestor FUNES
P14: Impact of Climate Change and Glaciter Retreat in Water Quality Formation for the Condoriri Basin,Evelin HUMEREZ
P15: Future Prediction of Water Quality in Tuni Reservoir,谷慧亮
P16: Water Management in EPSAS, Bolivia,Gregorio CARVAJAL
P17: An Overview of Water Supply System in La Paz and El Alto Cities through the Preliminary Analysis of Water Supply and Demand,Gustavo AYALA
P18: Quantitative Estimation of the Effect by Reservoir Dams about Ensuring Water Resources,田中大司
P19: Health-related water quality of the Tuni and Huayna Potosi glacier watersheds,真砂佳史